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Using YouTube Successfully for Content Marketing

It may become more important for your brand or company to be on YouTube than to be advertised on TV. For some, that day has already arrived. Commodore data from August 2011 showed that YouTube is used for about 14% of all searches on the Web.

The problem with most popular YouTube promotions is that YouTube gets the links, and the original site usually does not. That means the search engine visibility benefits do not usually transfer to the company’s website.

Even without creating your own site or hosting your videos on your main site to draw links, YouTube offers much in the way of brand visibility when the campaign is well executed. That doesn’t just mean posting a great video; marketers must also know how to take advantage of the social nature of the site to build up friends and get on user subscription lists.

Make copious use of tags on your videos (ensuring, of course, that the tags are relevant to the content), spread your tags out among your clips, use adjectives to make your videos more visible to folks who are searching based on their mood, have some category descriptor tags (bearing in mind that YouTube’s default search settings are Videos, Relevance, and All Categories) to match your title and description.

Implementing Guest Posting Successfully

He article netted well over 30,000 social shares. What made this article such a success Certainly being placed on the Huffington Post helped, but the title was a big key to the success of this content. It drew people in, as everybody wanted to know the answer to the question. In fact, the answer was quite simple: employers search on your name before asking you in for an interview. Yet the simplicity of the observation did not diminish the value of the article, because the observation was not completely intuitive.

Putting It All Together

To sum up the social media strategy outlined here, it is useful to think about it as an old-fashioned PR/marketing strategy. Marketers used to think about the number of “impressions” they were able to create in people’s minds. The more impressions you can create, the better. When TV, print, and radio were the only media to worry about, this strategy was relatively simple to execute.

The current environment is significantly more complex. The people you are trying to reach use many venues, and all of the various social media properties are part of that picture. Whenever you have a social media property that a large number of people use, there is an opportunity to reach them. Success in reaching them depends on becoming a trusted member of that community.

Last word

There are many large communities, it can be time-consuming and expensive to establish a presence in all of them. But your participation in each one will add to the number of opportunities you have for create impressions in your target audience. Major influencers in your market may be using these communities, so you have an opportunity to reach them as well.

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